Got something you'd like to share? Part of the purpose for me making this site was to set up a place where someone could easily find something to read if they weren't particularly into Yaoi. The other part of it was to encourage the people out there who write things other than Yaoi because it is very hard to find good Non-yaoi fanfics. If you have something to send I will be more than glad to post it ^_^ Keep in mind that submissions are not limited to fanfics. I will take Fanfics, poems ,lists,and other written works.Submissions are also not limited to Gundam Wing. Origionally I set up this site for the Gundam Wing fandom but recently I've been looking into seeing other Gundam Serieses and I'd be more than glad to host fics from any Gundam Series out there even if I havn't seen them myself. Here are the rules for submitting works to this site.

You can either send your story in the body of an e-mail or as an attatchment. All attatchments must be word document files. (.doc) This should not be too hard since MS Wordpad will do them.

Please Disclaim your work. Write a few sentances stating that the characters your writing about are not your property(aside from the ones you yourself create)getting sued is not a good thing.

Please include a short description of your story in your e-mail. I will read all of the stories that get sent to me when I have time, because I love to read the fanfic,but if I get bogged down in other things I might not be able to read it right away and I would not want you to have to wait so long to have your story posted because I havn't gotten around to reading it yet.

If you have a webpage include that in your e-mail. I will post a link to your page by your author name. Someone might want to stop by your site to read more of your stuff.

Please spellcheck and edit your own stuff before sending. I will not edit these things for you. I endorse creative spelling and grammar ^_^ (as the shirt says-"Bad spellers of the world untie!")

I will take all types of non-yaoi stories of variouse ratings, but please....if your story is for mature audiences please include the appropriate warnings.(Lemon warnings,Language warnings, ect)

Images-If you have an image that you would like to have posted with a fanfic or put into a fanfic character profile just send those as well I'd be happy to put them up for you, but please do not steal them from someone elses site. Many people are very posessive of their stuff.

Well that pretty much covers all that I can think of. If I think of anything else I'll just add it. If you would like to submit something just e-mail it to Shad0cat@yahoo.comwith "Gundamfic submission"in the topic line (I tend to delete mail when I don't recognize the senders adress )and I will get it posted as soon as the guys and I sort through all of this. ^_^

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