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Now that you've been through my little corner of the web here's a few more places you might like to go.

Non-yaoi Fanfic pages

The pages in this section are non yaoi pages and contain only non-yaoi stories.


Lady Anime's Endless Waltz


Toucan's Strawberry Patch

White Reflection

Other Fanfic pages

These pages have both yaoi and non yaoi stories.(or don't lable themselves non-yaoi)

Flight of Fancy:Lady Aria's Gundam Wing Fanfiction

The Gundam Wing Fanfiction Turnpike

Gundam Wing/Waltz Fanfiction

Kitten Maxwell's Fanfiction

M2:Gundam Wing fanfiction by Mia Marci

Nanashi:The Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest

The ultimate Gundam Wing Novel Universe

General GundamW pages

Good pages for general information, Character Shrines,character profiles, fan art, and other GW related stuff.

Anime LAH's Shrine to Duo Maxwell-a non-yaoi page devoted to Duo

The Anti Dis Non Liking Loathing Despising Shrine of Hating Door, that KNAVE, and we dont mean the ones you Open and close!!- Normally I don't like anti character pages but I went to this one and it was more of a really funny pick on Treiz page than a "This Character Sucks page" Lots of fun ^_^(and I dont even hate Treiz)

Dark Eyes:Quatre Rebarba Winner

Deathwish-a shrine devoted to the idea that Duo and Relena would make a cute couple.

Du-berries and Cream!-probably the most thorough page on braidboy I have yet to come across.(lots of fun ^_^)

Enigmatic:a shrine to Quatre Raberba Winner

Facade:/Trowa Barton/

Femme Fatales-a non yaoi shrine to Dorothy and Hilde.

God of Death-go here and get nifty god of death wallpaper

Gundam Tech-an all around Gundam info page.

The Gundam Wing Keepers Archive.

Illusion of Innocence:Quatre Raberba Winner

L1 colony-a non yaoi Heero page

L6-Red Jesters territory

Little Dragon's Shrine

The Mecha Domain Mark-II-Look up the stats on any Gundam Mobile suit you could ever wanna know about

Ricks Rips-animated GW gifs from Endless Duel.

Undying Loyalty-a shrine to Noin and Zechs

Wild Wing:Gundam Wing Screen Captures and More-check out the screen captions. It's like MST3K GundamW style

The World-Wide Gundam Informational Archive-Lord Satorious' Gundam info page. He's seen more Gundam than anyone else I know so if you got questions he's a good person to ask.

ZERO Version 2.01

Ok so this one isn't a Gundam site but it was too fun for me to not post a link for it ^_^

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