If you hear this in Gundam, I eat an old boot!!

Foxx Barton

     I tell you me if you hear this in Gundam Iíll pay you and Iíll video tape myself eating and old boot and Iíll send it to you.

    Heero: Oh Relina I canít take it anymore MARRY ME!!!      Relina: Sorry Dorothy asked yesterday.

    Relina: Öand on behalf of the colonies I, well, uhÖ, darnit. LINE!!

    Treize: I hate roses, their so red and they stink to high heavens. I mean day after day all thse stinkiní roses, I swear if I see one moreÖ      Une: Hi Treize, I brought you a scarlet rose forÖ      Treize: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! *chokes Une*

    Relina: When you yell always do it from the diaphragm, like soÖ HHHHEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!      Trowa: Ahh, Heero did say he heard screams at night.      Duo: And always open your mouth wide, like soÖ NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!      Trowa: Come to think of it the screams were coming from your bedroom.      Duo and Relina: Ö      Heero: WHAT?!?!?

    Duo: Gosh Darn. Dang Mobile Dolls. Shoot.

    Relina: Pacifist my ****in ***. Kill the ****in colonist!!!!

    Duo: *knocks on Relinaís door* Hey I heard weird noises and I, *opens door* AAAAHHHHHHHH!!      Relina: What?      Duo: *Faints*      Heero: Wonder whatís wrong with him.      Relina: Yeah I waved over your shoulder with my foot, I thought I was being politeÖ      Trowa: Never mind him, I waved from behind your back, heís probably in a bad mood.      Quatre and Wufei: Yeah.

    Zechs: Noin?      Noin: Yes?      Zechs: Get a life!!      Noin: Well I never!!      Zechs: Well thatís obvious.

    Treize: Wow!! What a hangover.      Zechs: *walks in kitchen wearing a pink frilly robe*      Treize: What theÖ Why are you here?      Zechs: What you mean you donít remember. Honey, I think last night opened a new window for us!!! A new and exiting future!!      Treize Last night??      Zechs: Yes last night sheer magic. *sigh*      Treize: *screams, faints*      Zechs: *walks into the hallway*      Relina: Did it work?      Zechs: Like a charm.      Relina: Thatíll teach him to call us long hared sissies!!!

    Dorothy and Catherine: Sharp objects scare me.

    Heero: Computer, what the heck?

    Any Gundam pilot: My Gundam Ďs broken what do I do?!?!

    Noin Trowa and Hildie: To get the hair spray we use call 1-800-U-NE-BANG

    Duo: I donít wanna go out with a Noin wanna be!      Hildie: Where would he get that idea?? (She fights with mobile suits and her air looks just like Noinís SHE looks like Noin!!) Foxx

    Duo: Sanctuary!! Sanctuary!!

    Relina: *on Titanic* Iím Queen of the World!!!      Rose: NO!! Iím Queen of the World!      Relina: What?! *pushes her overboard* Now your Queen of the Ocean. Now where was I? Oh yeah, Iím Queen of the World!!!

    Heero: Sailor Zero!      Duo: Sailor Deathsyte!      Trowa: Sailor Heavy Arms!      Quatre: Sailor Sand Rock!      Wufei: Sailor Nataku!!      Zechs: Sailor Taulgueise!!      Noin: Sailor Lebra!      Hildie: Sailor OZ Suit!      All: In the name of wild hared, good lookiní guys and gals, we shall punish you!!!

    Duo: Ö

    Relina: UmmmÖ

    Dorothy: Go away Relina, Iím sick of you.

    Duo Dorothy and/or Zechs: I hate my hair!!!

    Relina: Kill the umpire.


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