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Hi welcome to my Gundam fanfic page. This site is Non-Yaoi. (NON not ANTI,this is not a yaoi hate page.)You won't find male/male romance on this site. Yaoi is just not my thing. Yaoi fans are just as welcome here as anyone else. We could all use a change of pace once in a while.

What's New

This is the final update to this site before I move on Saterday Sept 22. I am still accepting submissions, but I do not know when I will have a new ISP once I get where I'm going. I will still accept submissions for the site at my yahoo e-mail addy but I will be unable to post them untill I have access again. If you send a story and do not get an e-mail response saying that I have received your story please be patient I will be getting access again a.s.a.p. and when I do I will post those stories sent to me in the time I'm gone.

My heart and prayers go out to those families who have lost friends and loved ones in Terrorist attacks on our country.

As for the terrorists who did this I feel sorry for them. They failed. They have not broken our spirit, they've only brought us together. Never in my lifetime have I been as proud to be an American, as proud of our country, than I have been over the past few days watching all of the rescue efforts and hearing peoples testomonies. I will fly this flag on my site in support of our country and our president and stand behind them 100%. I am not afraid, the terrorists will not win.

In light of the fact that Cartoon Network is now airing 8th MSTeam and Mobile Suit Gundam I have opened this site to any and all series of Gundam.

Now that this site is back in buisness I would like to announce that we have two new authors. Stop by the fanfic section and check out Starflare and Nighwolf's stories:The Rival Strikes,The Rival's End,The Moment of Arrival,After Hours, Houston, We Have No Cheese,Astrology 101,and Enter the Keychain.

Also if you weren't here during the last update I've also linked to Warstars Gundam Message board. Don't be shy people drop in and talk to us ^_^

The sections currently open are



Fanfic Character Profiles

Routhie's Rambles



Top 10 and other Silly Lists

Warstar's Gundam Board

I'm still working on the "more" part. I am trying to aquire and set up sections for


If you would like to submit some of your own works to any of the sections mentioned above(even the ones not yet open) check the rules in the submissions section of this site.

If you have any questions, comments or "Omae o korosu"s feel free to e-mail

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