Welcome to the fanfic section. I have many great authors who have submitted their stories. They have all put alot of effort into their work and I'm sure they'd love to hear your opinions on their work. All of the storys are listed alphabeticly by author. If you would like to submit your own creative work see the rules in the Submissions section of this site.

Elly and the Gundam Wing Fan...E-mail Elly and The Gundam Wing Fan...

Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Gundam Wing Style)

A very funny comedy about what happens when the Wingboys go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

GiBmEsUmSuKySuKy...E-mail GiBmEsUmSuKySuKy...

True Love? Part1

True Love? Part2

True Love? Part3

True Love? Part4

True Love? Part5

True Love? Part6

True Love? Part7

True Love? Part8

True Love Part 9

After the War Relena is a superModel and Coaxes Heero into Modeling with her.

Louise Babyshampoo...E-mail Louise...Visit Louise's page

-Belongings-Heero: Choices

Belongings-Catherine: Fleeting Dreams


This story is a set of interconnected stories. It focuses on the characters and what became of them after the war. This has to be one of my favorite GW romances.

The Letter

A romantic but sad tale about Relena coping with Heero's death and her fear that she was unloved. Good story but better get the kleenex *sniff*


A cute romantic story about Heero,Relena, and classical music. I really liked Heero's attitude in this one ^_^ hehehe.

Windflower Part 1

Windflower Part 2

Windflower Part 3

Windflower Part 4

Windflower Part 5

This is an ongoing series that takes place 7 years after the series. Sally and Wufei are married and have a child on the way. L5 has suddenly come under attack ( I guess they rebuilt it) and now Wufei must fight to save not only his colony but the woman he loves and their unborn child. The more Sally and Wufei storys I read the more I like them together in spite of the fact that the series never really put them together ^_^.

Lucrezia Noin-Peacecraft...E-mail Lucrezia...Visit Lucrezia's site.


A very cute Noin and Milliardo story ^_^. Noin falls to temptation, but it's not Milliardo it's his bike. Will Milliardo forgive her for taking it without his permission?

Phoenix and Death Angel...E-mail Phoenix and Death Angel...

Cast List

School Dayz part 1

School Dayz part 2

School Dayz part 3

School Dayz part 4

School Dayz part 5

School Dayz part 6

School Dayz part 7

School Dayz part 8

School Dayz part 9

School Dayz part 10

School Dayz Part 11

School Dayz Part 12

School Dayz Part 13

A very humorous fanfic about the Wing Boys in Higschool. This was the very first GW fic I ever read and I was instantly addicted to it's insanity ^_^.

Queebo...E-mail Queebo...
Visit Queebo's Site (you must go there it's awsome ^_^)

Quatre's Journal Entry 1

Quatre's Journal Entry 2

This is the story of another battle years after the origional series. It is ongoing and told from through entrys made in the journal of Quatre Raberba Winner.

E-mail Rowan...

The Wind

Set between the end of the series and Endless Waltz. Noin is hurt on a preventer mission and recieves a mysterious visitor. (I'll give you 3 guesses as to whom)

Saria Barton...E-mail Saria

Hikaru's Saga Part1

In the same universe as Zero Gundam this story starts after the ep "rejected by home far away" In this story under Treiz orders Hikaru has targeted Duo Maxwell.

Zero Gundam

Zero Gundam Part 2

Zero Gundam Part 3

Zero Gundam Part 4

A fic that starts after the ep "rejected by home far away" and takes it's own course. I wonder just who's side Lady Barton is on anyways?

Saturn Aquarius...E-mail Saturn


Lime Warning(inferred sexual content)PG-13

Heero shows up wounded at Relena's house in the middle of the night. Relena heals his pain .

Feelings Part Two

Lime Warning(inferred sexual content)PG-13The sequal to feelings. What happens the next day after Relena and Heero return to Quatre's estate.


Ever wonder what would happen if Dorothy ever plucked her eyebrows?


Ten people and one umbrella. How will it end?

Shad0cat...E-mail Shad0cat

The Secret Life of Mobile Suits

We've all seen the guys talk to their Gundams as if they were alive, but what if they were? This is a very very silly story about just that. ^_^

Starflare and Nightwolf...E-mail Starflare and Nightwolf...

The Rival Strikes Again

The G-boys discover girls, one in particular. Moderate mush and romantic comedy. Part one of two.

The Rival's Ends

The conclusion to The Rival Strikes Again. More moderate mush, and Wufei fan's might not like one of the endings. Part two of two.

The Moment of Arrival

A series of Letters from Relena to Sara and Bleu. A few salty words, but that's it.

After Hours

What the guys do when they're not fighting, being captured or self-destructing. On a side note, this was the first fanfic StarFlare and Nightwolf ever wrote together.

Houston, We Have No Cheese

A video record of the first day the g-boys come to the safehouse. It also introduces the created characters, Sara and Bleu,

more fully.

Astrology 101

A combination of Haleys comet and the alignment of the planets causes some strange things to happen.

Enter the Keychain

The pilots Discover what Sara keeps in her closet.

The Super Fast Running Dude...E-mail The Super Fast Running Dude

Ultra Gundam Part:1

It has been eighty years since the descruction of OZ and the world finally has peace. In order to keep the colonized planets together, the Solar Alliance was formed. War machines are only used for peace keeping or as monuments of the past. At the fringes of civilized space mobile suits are being created with a new type of armor and people who desire war are scheming the destruction of the Alliance.
Towoem... E-mail Towoem

Fates Soldier

A very impressive look into the life of Zechs Marquise/Milliardo Peacecraft

Tsunami Goddess Routhier...E-mail Routhier...

Homecomming Part 1

Homecomming Part 2

Homecomming Part 3

Homecomming Part4

Homecomming Part5

A very cute afterwar story ^_^ This ongoing series brought to you by the letter "A "

US...E-mail goluigi123... E-mail KimbaTheLionCubVisit their page

The TV Hopper Machine Thingy!

The TV Hopper Machine Thingy Deluxe!

Duo's greatest invention goes a little haywire. Word of advice....make sure your not drinking anything when you read could drown while your laughing.

The Legend of Door

A prodigious story about that unprodigous KNAVE known as Door ^_^

Wufei's Party

Heero's Party

Trowa's Party

A very funny series about the G-boys 5th birthday parties ^_^. I have to say that Heero's family is very demented.

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